Appalachia Christmas Project

Message from Olive Hupt: The Appalachia Christmas Semi will again be at our farm from Saturday, October 24, through Thursday, November 5, 2020.  We can only accept new gifts as this is the only gift that many  of them get.  We service 4 parishes in Kentucky.  We provide for all ages from babies to elderly. Each parish serves many families.  For information please contact Olive Hupf at e-mail  [email protected],  call 507-581-2808 or 507-263-2705 and leave a message or go to the ACCW Website:  to RESOURSES:  Brochures and flyers  Shoe Box Brochure. Scroll down to Appalachia Christmas Mission.  Thanks for your gifts and prayers.


Papal Footprints Shoebox brochure

Christmas Mission brochure