Archdiocesan Synod

SIGN UP HERE for St. Pius V Synod Small Groups by following this link! Each time slot shows the start date and continue for 6 consective weeks (Sept 20 through Oct 31).

Practicing Catholic Show · Therese Coons: A Synod Update
This fall of 2021 we will host Synod Small Groups at St. Pius V!
How can I join?
Come alone or with others and the parish will build a group for you. All are welcome!
Watch for more details regarding dates/times!
Small groups will run from the week of September 20 through October.
Why should I participate in a Synod Small Group?
Help Archbisop Hebda determine priorities under each focus area!
Three focus areas -
1) Forming parishes that are in the service of evengelization.
2) Forming missionary disciples who know Jesus' love and respond to His call.
3) Forming youth and young adults in and for a Church that is always young.
Three Topics will be discussed:
  • What can we do to make parishes more welcoming and accessible?
  • How can we offer meaningful life-long formation for discipleship?
  • How can we better assist parents in forming children as disciples who know and love Jesus and His Church?

More information on joining a small group can be downloaded here.

Catholic Spirit article on the Synod small goup sessions.

Feel free to contact any of our St. Pius V Synod Ambassadors via email at [email protected] or talk to one directly!

Missy Banks

Matt and Sylvia Belford

Tricia Boyum

Ed and Mary Lorentz

Pat and Cindy Meyers

Jill Villarreal

Bob and Regina Wernimont