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Upcoming Lent

Posted by Cindy Meyers on 2/04/21

As we reflect on the past year, we see so much of what the pandemic did to hinder us in our day to day activities. It is sometimes easy to find ourselves feeling depressed and isolated.

We watched as our churches were closed to no more than 10 people, ... Read More »

Father Terry Staying for 6 More Years

Posted by Cindy Meyers on 5/11/20

We have recently received the information that Father Terry Beeson has been re-assigned to St. Pius V and St. Joseph for six years starting July 2020.

In his bulletin article dated May 10, 2020, Father Terry said, "I am glad I am staying and honored to be your pastor ... Read More »

Trying Times of Covid-19

Posted by Cindy Meyers on 4/21/20

We are in trying times. We at St. Pius V are all praying for the end to the pandemic so that we can start to be together- as a community - again at the great feast of the Mass. 

During this time, we are live streaming the Mass on ... Read More »

Have You Taken the Disciple Maker Index Survey Yet?

Posted by Cindy Meyers on 2/06/20

St. Pius V is participating in a parish-wide survey as part of the Archdiocesan Synod Process from February 1 to March 1. The survey is about discipleship and is conducted by the Catholic Leadership Institute. We need your help! Please take the time to fill out the survey.

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Children and Youth Christmas Program

Posted by Cindy Meyers on 12/17/19

Our St. Pius V children and youth participated in our Advent Christmas Program on Sunday, December 15 after Mass.

The program was called "A Precious Moments Christmas".

The program started with four of our high school youth singing in a quartet accompanied by a pianist "Night of Silence".

Our ... Read More »

Taking a Coach Bus to a Musical at St. Agnes School on Thursday, Nov 21

Posted by Cindy Meyers on 10/31/19


Join us Thursday, November 21 for an outing to St. Agnes School's Helen Houle Auditorium in St. Paul  for "Catholic Young Adults the Musical".

"At Catholic Beer Night, the Catholic Young Adults group hears a rumor that St. Stephen’s is closing! Can they rally together to find a ... Read More »

Catholic Watchmen Events for November!

Posted by Cindy Meyers on 10/21/19

Catholic Watchmen Events for November!

Nov 2, Saturday - Midnight Watch Adoration at All Saints Catholic Church in Lakeville from 11pm to 12pm in St. Mary's Chapel. Carpooling from Bob Wernimont's home at 10:15pm

Nov 19, Tuesday - Catholic Watchmen Rally with Archbishop Hebda at St. John's in Little ... Read More »

So what is this Synod thing?

Posted by Cindy Meyers on 10/16/19

You may be asking yourself - "So what is this Synod thing?"

Much information for your questions can be found on the Archdiocese Synod Website. 

The synod process follows Canon Law and we haven't held a Synod in our Archdiocese since 1939. Help us make history by being a part of ... Read More »

Catholic Websites for Prayer and Reflection on Your Faith Journey

Posted by Cindy Meyers on 9/26/19

As Catholics, we continue to search and grow in our faith. We are constantly being formed. To help you on your Journey, Gary Sigmeth has put together a list of great Catholic websites that can be used for prayer and reflection on our faith journey.

Click here to download ... Read More »

Gianna Jessen - Pro-Life Advocate to Speak at St. Pius V Oct 2!

Posted by Cindy Meyers on 9/24/19

St. Pius V Catholic Church in Cannon Falls will present Gianna Jessen on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 - open to public. Doors open at 6:15pm and Gianna will speak at 6:30pm.

Info from Gianna's bio:

Talk to Gianna Jessen for just a few minutes and she’s likely to punctuate ... Read More »