Meaning of Our Stained Glass Windows

In 1977, under the guidance of Father Leon Bonin, stained glass windows replaced the clear glass windows in the present church building of St. Pius V. The stained glass images depict Christ's life from birth through His ascension into heaven.

Stained glass windows from floor to ceiling adorn the entryway of the church. The first images you will see are the shell representing Baptism and the dove representing the Holy Spirit. These are flanked on either side by the front doors into the church. As you enter the church, you see the altar before you. On either side of the altar, the church building has wings, or transepts. The back wall of each transept is entirely stained glass, again from floor to ceiling. Each transept has six scenes that depict events from Jesus' life.



North Side Transept depicts the life of Christ from birth through His years of teaching.

Annunciation: Mary (Fleur-de-lys or lily) is visited by the Angel Gabriel.

Birth of Christ: Star; Christmas; Chi-Rho - symbol of Christ, Manger.


Baptism: Christ is baptized by John the Baptist (Escallop shell); Dove represents the Holy Spirit, Chi-Rho--Christ, Water-Life.

Temptation: Christ's (Chi-Rho) temptation on the Mountain by the devil (dragon).

First Miracle: Christ (Chi-Rho) turns water into wine; One jug with wine touched by Chi-Rho and two jugs with water.

Teaching and Healing: Christ among the people; Cross of healing; Alpha and Omega-Christ is the beginning and the end (the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet), Hand raised in Blessing.



South Side Transept depicts Christ's life leading up to the crucifixion through His resurrection and ascension.

Transfiguration: Christ (Chi-Rho) becomes dazzling and radiant on the mountain; Moses (tablets) and Elijah (wheel of fire) appeared with Him.

Last Supper: Chalice and Host (the Body and Blood of Christ); 12 crosses symbolize the 12 apostles.

Betrayal: The agony in the Garden (Chalice with painted cross); lantern, 3 crosses- the apostles present; Bag of money-Judas' payment.

Crucifixion: Christ is crucified; 3 crosses, Crown of thorns.

Resurrection: Christ rises from the dead-the butterfly is a traditional symbol of the Resurrection; Empty tomb.

Ascension: Christ ascends to heaven--crown topped Chi-Rho rising above the clouds; Chi-Rho is surrounded by an Aureolle (a golden glow symbolizing great holiness).